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Model No: 153-M115

This tall case American made clock is strongly influenced by the early American clocks built in the late 18th- 19th Century. The glass front bottom door which reveals the weights and the pendulum adds a different dimension to the regular tall case clock

  • A tall (85 1/2") solid cherry wood clock with removable bonnet. Four individually hand turned spindles complete the bonnet
  • Classic lines, deep relief of wood detail and strength of construction makes it a clock that will last for generations to come
  • Hand rubbed solid natural cherry pinched waist case with a hand rubbed satin varnish finish, handcrafted in the old traditional style.
  • Ogee feet
  • Features a hand painted dial with gold leaf- Roman numerals and a painted moon dial. Dial is handpainted by an artist from South Carolina.
  • An 8 day cable driven, KSU Kieninger triple chime movement (St. Michael's, Whittington and Westminster chimes), automatic night shut off feature , automatic beat adjustment and sustaining power
  • European style push rods control the chime selection and night off features
  • Wall to wall seat board mounted movement, coupled with rear mounted chime block on solid wood producing superior sounds for the quarter hour chimes and the hour strike as well as am incredibly strong case construction
  • Brass lyre pendulum
  • Brass bob and matching brass weight shells

Available in two finishes:


                 Natural Cherry:   01

                  Brown Cherry:    03

Dimensions: 851/2" H*19 3/4"W* 13"D



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